Coronavirus || COVID-19 : 10 things to do while you are stuck at home with your bae?

While Coronavirus has hit us hard (very hard), we all are staying home. Many of us are entering may be 2nd or 3rd week of lockdown. 

It’s really difficult to be occupied while keeping yourself away from boredom. If you’re passing the time with your significant other, you might be finding new ways to strengthen your  bond and relieve a bit of anxiety while you’re at it , which we are unable to being , in our day to day routine in normal !!

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!! Here are few fun things you can take up during this global Lockdown phase!!!

  • Prepare a meal together – 

Take up new recipes, cook together!! Make sure you setup the table and eat together too..!! 

  • Stay in bed all day / Netflix & chill – 

Binge watch a netfilx/prime/youtube series together lying in bed all day, you’re not gonna get this time again!!!

  • Reminisce your childhood –  

Spend an afternoon doing all the things you loved doing as a kid. Play board games, reminiscing your childhood memories, talk about your childhood, share memories and teach each other your childhood games.

  • Talk and Sip – 

Plan some cocktail nights together, try the new mixes. Be your own bartender . Get naughty, get drunk!!!

  • Dust off those novels – 

Dust off those novels while staying indoors, read the same novel and then discuss it! This way you can keep each other accountable and explore each others thoughts on same issues .

  • Finish up your pending tasks – 

Finish pending work-related tasks you were not able to pick up in that busy schedule. Brush up your skills that might help you later.

  • Have a movie marathon –

Watch movies together which you weren’t able to watch in your busy schedule. Plan some late night movie dates too!!
Movies are a great way to create the ambience and mood , like watching “Fifty Shades of Grey” might end up with a romantic night.

  • Develop a hobby together – 

A few of them can be – Paint together, get those colouring books out (it’s not just for kids) , Re-decorate your house, give those DIY’s a shot.

  • Some “me” time too – 

Also give each other some space while staying together 24X7, some “me” time is also important. Educate yourself with the current news!! Find new ways to excite each other, keep that spark alive.

  • Sleep – 

Finally, sleep. Get lots of it, you’re definitely going to miss it once you’re back to work!!

P.S. While you’re munching on those snacks in the middle of everything, take very good care of your health too.. Do some exercise at home!!!

Help each other out in all the household chores as there no house help. Remember cleaning and cooking is not just for the women!!

Eat good, stay healthy and stay at home!!!

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